I close the door
I want to be alone
Im about to lose control

Within these walls
I find inner peace
The only place
Where my fears cannot reach

What about you
Have you found your own place too?
A place where you can shine and feel

I´m losing my mind
I need to find a way
I´m about to lose the grip

In this sanctuary
I find myself again
This is the place
Where my soul is reborn

I´ve found a way
To heal myself again



At the market fair
In the cold November rain
I could hear your words

Why did you leave
When I needed you most (you know I needed you so)
Why did you let me go
You will never know

I packed my things in a case
I had to leave that place
I still recall
The smile on your face
The night before I told you


Precious things
They tend to fade
But despite the time apart
I can hear your words

Why didn´t you stay
When I needed you most (you know I needed you so)
We could have made it through
Now we´ll never know


Goodbye (Spanish)

en la feria del mercado
en la fría lluvia de noviembre
podía oír tus palabras

¿Por qué te fuiste
cuando más te necesitaba?
(sabes que te necesito tanto)
¿por qué me dejas ir?
nunca lo sabrás

Metí mis cosas en una caja
tuve que dejar ese lugar
Todavía recuerdo
la sonrisa en tu cara
la noche antes de que te dije

Cosas preciosas
tienden a desaparecer
pero a pesar del tiempo de separación
puedo escuchar tus palabras

¿Por qué no te quedaste
cuando más te necesitaba?
(sabes que te necesitaba tanto)
podríamos haberlo hecho todo
ahora nunca lo sabremos


Save me from myself

It feels like a storm
Raging inside me
I´m laying down the floor

I´m waiting for you
To come with the calm
I see the picture on the wall
I see the picture on the wall

I cannot live like this
Waiting here for my saviour
I need to hear your heart
To save me from myself

I´m trying to sleep
I don´t remember when
Hours turned into days

I close my eyes
To see your face
You are beside me once again

It´s all just a dream
It´s all just a dream
I see the picture on the wall


Now that we’re here

In Gothenburg tonight
I can feel the air is moving
And though we are
The perfect strangers
I know that, the city is ours

Now that we´re here
I´m filled with joy
Just like a child with a brand new toy
Holding my arm around your shoulders

And in your eyes, all I can see
A new beginning for you and me
Can this really be happening

Going down an avenue of light
People pass us by
But I only have eyes for you

The city is ours

My foot hits the break and the engine stops
But this is not the end for us
Everything begins here


My world

I tried to hide
The feelings that I keep inside
Didn´t want it to show
Didn´t want you to know

I tried to protect you (you shouldn´t suffer)
From that side of me
But your eyes they see right through me (I could never fool you)

This is my world
This is me
Without any secrets
Without any lies

I give you my soul
I give you my body
I´m sharing it all with you
If you want me too

You feel my pain
Though I tried to keep you safe
I didn´t know how to
Threw my troubles upon you

I failed to protect you (you shouldn´t suffer)
Now you know that I am weak
You can see right through me (I surrender to you)

Sometimes, I wish I never told you
But somehow, now I´m feeling stronger


Make the cut clean

I´ve been waiting for you here
But the love you felt for me is dead
Do you think of meIs there any hope to see
Meine liebe

Love me
Or leave me
I can not live like this

Love me or hate me
You´ve got to make the cut clean

I know that I have changed
It’s hard for me to feel anything
Is it to late for me
Or do you still feel something for me

Are you feeling cold like me
Does the rain fall on your face to
I don’t know where you are
For what I know you can be far away


In your arms

Broken dreams and empty words
All my stories left unheard
So many things I had to say

I kept my feelings to myself
Never felt I could share them with anyone
Anyone but you

Now the sun lifts me up
Guides my soul through the rough
In your arms
Let me stay forever

Countless words and endless nights
All the time I spent here thinking
About the meaning of my life

Looking for a clue to find
A useful purpose for my restless soul
I never thought that I would find someone like you

What is life?
What is love?


What did you achieve?

The target is locked
My mind is set
I´m not backing down
Not this time

It´s time to stop
The chaos around me
And in my head
Remove the words you said

You tried so hard
To destroy me
But this time
You won´t suceed

You failed so hard
Tried to ignore me
This time
You´ll hear my screams

Now look at you
What did you achieve?
Now everyone else
Can see what you really are

What will you do
Full of regrets
Only anger
Is all that´s left



I trusted you
So how could you
I believed you
So why did you lie

It was so simple for you to go
I believed what you said
So why did you
Let yourself slip away


I trusted you
So how could you
I did love you
So why did you go

It´s so hard for me to let you go
I believe in what you say
But I know you
Let yourself slip away

My body aches to be by your side
But my heart is broken, by your lies



How can we find a place
What would you do for a room with a view
In the climate of today

How much is it worth to breathe
Who gets to live and what decides
Our destiny, when the end is near

Would you be able to pull the trigger (if you had no other chance)
Could you put your feelings aside
Is the cause greater then the cost (how much money can one spend)
Is it worth it in the end

Can you hold on to hope
When you know that you contribute
To the definite end of other peoples dreams

Would you be able to pull the trigger
Is your cause so great

Would you be able to pull the trigger (if you had no other chance)
Could you put your feelings aside
Do you think you´ll see it coming (before you hit the ground)
Is there time enough to act

Are you proud of yourself
Even if you know that your wealth
Is slowly suffocating everyone in the end



Here it comes again
From the darkness of my soul
Like a hunger
The wrath is taking command
Of my desires

This burning rage inside me
Controls my every move
It´s yearning deep inside me
Taking a hold

My heart is pumping
I´m losing sight
Of what this fight is all about
My rage has blinded me
I cannot hold it back

I tried to stop it
I tried to cry
But these emotions will not die
I have to surrender
I have to give in
I had to give in to


A certain end

Can you hear them cry
Their voices are so low
You and me
Do we listen at all

Can you see them die
Do you really care
Even if you did
Would you raise your voice

My hands cover my face
I try to understand
What it feels like
To live with a certain end

My eyes are turning red
I feel the taste of grief
I wonder if your eyes
Cry anymore

Would you put a knife against their throats
Only words alone will not save them after all

Look into their eyes
Can you see their fear
Do they realize
That they have to die