Retribution Lyrics

1 On my own

So you want me to cry for you
for the things you never let me have
You want me to trust in you
But I will never let you in again

You will never see that day
I turn away and walk away
Cause my feelings have died for you
died for you

Im doing fine now on my own
I facing a new life another future
I don´t care about your feelings
I see no meaning
It´s not what it used to be

Now you want me to try for you
For all the times you let me down
You want me to care for you
But you won´t see me fall again

I will never turn back time
You are never on my mind
Cause my feelings have died for you
died for you

2 A brighter day

I´ve been lost, I´ve been blind
I´ve been crawling on the ground
I´ve been dreaming of a brighter day

But now I know
I´ve been looking for you
In every possible way

The steps you take I follow
The words you say I heed
The way you move my soul,
I surrender to all the things you do

By my side, so close
Why didn´t you let your feelings show
You are my way to that brighter day

I´ve been living here
In the shade of your love
I guess I always knew somehow

I´ve been waiting here
I´ve been waiting here
for you, so long

I am not afraid more, like I was before
I have found my strength
I´ve found my way for sure

3 Dirt

Im crawling up now
from the ground
This isn´t your life
it´s mine

I was falling down on my knees
I was bleeding just to please
I was begging for the world to cease

You dragged me down
Down in the dirt

You don´t deserve me, this time
I will not serve you, don´t cry

You dragged me down in the dirt
I could´t stay there
And now Im back on my feet
you could´t hurt me

4 Leaving you behind

It doesn´t matter what you think of me
It doesn´t matter what you say
I´ve spent my life trying to breathe your air
But now there´s nothing left of me

It´s not me that it´s all about it´s you
I´ve tried so hard to see you point of view
you don´t care, now I know it´s true
All that seems to matter is you

Everyday I see the result of you deeds
I tried to adapt but I failed
The more I see the more I realize
That I will never change for you

It doesn´t matter how they look at me
It doesn´t matter in what way
I tried to see this world through your eyes
but it left me with despise

So many days
so many nights
to many lies to remember

But this is the end
this is goodbye
this is me leaving you behind

5 Firefly

I am on the road again
Don´t know where it takes me this time
But I know I´d rather stay by your side
Your hands, once so loveful to me
has left me longing for your soft touch

Like the light of a dying firefly
we faded away
what once where you and me
will be forgotten
like the mist in the morning breeze

I won´t look back for sure
never want to see those days again
I just want to put it all behind
Though the thought of you can keep me warm
I know I had to say goodbye

Memories, fading with my tears
drowning in the rain
lost in my past

Sometimes I wonder still
Did I give you all I could
Did I give you all that you deserved
Everytime my heart beats
It beats further away from you

6 Bleed for me

All you I am for you
All you need from me

I was a fool
Thinking that you were different
But now you´ve proved
that you´re just the same

I gave you my heart
but you tore it apart
now I want you to bleed for me

All I feel for you
All you become to me

I must forget
the feelings the I had
I most forgive
myself for loving you

It´s always the same
love in vain
the same old pain
over and over again

7 Let us fall

I think there´s a way
for you and me
out of this mess
There´s a light to follow

You can tell me
what´s on your mind
you can do what you want to do
forget old sorrows now

let´s get out tonight
let us fall into each others arms again
we deserve a second chance

This is supposed to be a paradise
well, I find it hard to believe
but we can give it a try

I know that I am helpless alone
what can you do for me
kill my curiosity

Let´s get out tonight
let us fall into each others arms again
we deserve a second time around
let us fill our broken hearts with trust
I know, we deserve a second chance

Our dreams they never died
we only kept them out of sight
but not tonight

8 Loved once more

My life before, was like a war
I was lost and broken
Days and nights that were all the same
I didn´t recognize myself.

But then, a sudden change in the wind
that was not expected

And now
I see your face before me
With teardrops in my eyes
And I feel loved once more

Now, we have our lives before us
The future unfolds tonight
And I feel loved once more

Twentyfour , hours ago
I didn’t know just what I wanted
I was disconnected
completely out of control
I had to mend my crumbled self

9 Words like that

I guess I never told you
You are beautiful
Words like that
come seldom to me

They always seem so hard to say
Words like that come seldom to me

Sometimes things are understood
and words are in the way
I am sure you already know
You get the best of me

I try to write them down
to find something new
I´d like to tell you things
that never have been said before

10 Not even you

Here I stand
Why can´t you see me
You are here beside me
I know you are

Three times
I´ve said I need you
And there times
you let me down

If not even you can understand me
If not even you can understand me
I don´t know who will

I cry again
and though I know it´s not worth it
I´ll try again
Why did you turn your back on me

I don´t know who can understand me

Why do I keep on ending up this way
And how can I possibly
make this misery end

If not even you can understand me
and hear my calls
If not even you can understand me
I don´t know who will

11 Be alive again

They never saw you
for what you really are
and you got so tired of waiting
for love

you´re trying to get away
but the memories remain
and the pain
that you inflict to yourself
will not change the past
at all

Close your eyes
just for a while
feel no pain
be alive again my friend

you cannot forgive
but you have to forget
all the hate inside
let your soul rest tonight

If they could see you
the way you turned out to be
would that stop them
from doing those things again
would they understand
I don´t know…