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Vanguard was formed in late 2008 when Jonas Olofsson and Patrik Hansson first started to talk to each other online. After a period of creating demos a first album called ”Sanctuary” was released in May 2012 on Conzoom Records. The first single, and also the bands first musicvideo was released in December 2012 for the song ”Goodbye”. A second single from the same album by the name ”Shine” came a few months later. The band went on to release their second album Retribution in February 2014, this time the singles ”On my own”, ”Let us fall” and ”A brighter day” was released and the sound of this album was a step forward in forming the bands own sound. In November 2015 Vanguard returned with a new single, ”I want to live” from their third album with the title ”Never surrender”. The album was released the 27th of May 2016 and in January 2017 the band released a a second remix-single from this album and a music video for the song A different story. The band is currently doing gigs and are also working on new songs for a fourth upcoming album.


Never Surrender (CD)

”Vanguard kanske inte reser sig från askan men de reser sig däremot upp från att ha varit ett talangfullt synthpopband till att vara ett fullfjädrat synthpopband och visa de gamla gastarna var skåpet skall stå.”.

”The dynamic span on “Never Surrender” might be a nudge narrower than on the bands’s earlier stuff. But even though the same concept is somewhat repeated on several places on this album, and the fact that the two ballads “You Stray” and the acousticly enhanced ender “Suffering” are not more than average Vanguard keeps their average standard high on a extremely well produced, nicely arranged, meodious and traditionally hard third album that surely will contribute to take the band even further towards larger concert and festival stages”.

I want to live (CDS)

“I Want To Live” is a cool new song, which has also been very inspiring for most of the remixers. Both other new songs are pretty cool as well so I’m really looking forward to welcome the new album of this band.
Side-Line Magazine


”In comparison with “Sanctuary” this new work shows more maturity and global elaboration. The soft- and harder side of the album result in a much diversified piece of work. Vanguard remains one of the most interesting surprises in electro-pop land in the past few years”.

– Side-Line Magazine

”Patrik Hansson and Jonas Olofsson present an improved sound on “Retribution”, albeit on the same path as their club friendly first born. Lead single “On My Own” sports an infectious futurepop vibe and a super strong chorus and it mirrors Vanguard 2014 very well.”

Release Music Magazine

” In this album the duo continues in the same style with their debut plus some EBM elements, for example the track ‘Dirt’ brought me in mind the good old AND ONE, also ‘Leaving You Behind’ has some EBM influences. The album also contains some very good Synth Pop tracks like ‘On My Own’ and ‘Brighter Day’ and ‘Bleed For Me’ plus some down-tempo emotional tracks like ‘Bleed For Me’ and ‘Words Like That’.”

Reflection of Darkness


”Starka melodier och snygga arrangemang ligger i fokus när Vanguard levererar sin moderna, futurepopkryddade och väldigt dansanta synthpop, där man stilrent och taktfast målar upp sina ljudlandskap. Rating 7/10”


”The album ends in a great way with “A Certain End”, another mellow track with slow beats and the focus is on touching lyrics and beautiful soundscapes. With this Vanguard ties together their debut album in a great way leaving you of wanting more. Rating 7/10”


”Vanguard has achieved a cool piece of electro-pop. Sweden remains a prolific ground for new talents in this genre and from the germs of bands like Page, Spock, Elegant Machinery and we now get Vanguard as new ambassador. Rating 8/10”

Side-Line Magazine



Synth.nu (Swedish)

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